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About Our Conpany

«Atrix» works for 9 years and during all this time childcare is the basis of our activity. In the center of our planning, designing and production stands a child, his or her health, development and security.

Nowadays «Atrix» is a Russian largest fast-growth enterprise in sphere of children’s playgrounds production including all steps: designing, production, sale and maintenance. Highly automated production, competent staff, usage of CNC machines allow us to produce goods with high technical characteristics. After adopting of production increase strategy in 2012 we have increased production space till 12300 m2 with total space 2,5 ha. Only storage space amounts 3900 m2 that allows us to have large storage stock of finished goods and promptly dispatch it to the customer.

Our global reach covers all Russian Federation regions and CIS. For international expansion we actively conduct preparations for certification for conformance to EN 1176 at International Center TUV. Full certification of product conformity «Atrix» to new Russian GOSTs for security of children’s play equipment «Atrix» was conducted in 2008. Our company controls goods quality at every stage of production. We constantly test coating quality in a laboratory environment and exercise instrumental quality control of bought materials and components. All assembling play and sport equipment undergoes our expert review and supervision by «Atrix» experts.

Our company produces children playground in Russian Federation and guaranties not only high quality of goods but also the most important - child’s security, what is the real assessment criteria for our partners and clients. They are interested in creating the best conditions for all children at the start of their life journey.

We will be glad to see you as our client.